COVID 19 Immunization Training 

Online Immunization Training: CCDC volunteers DO NOT to sign in:   

Vaccine Storage and Handling PPT: Click here to download.

Vaccine Storage & Handling Train PA – go to Train PA at and look up “Immunization: You Call the Shots -Module 10 – Storage and Handling – 2020”: course ID 1089287.  This course is required by PA DOH for all providers.  This module is the tenth in a series titled Immunization: You Call the Shots and focuses on storage and handling requirements for vaccines 

PPE Training:  Go to look up "Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)"  

"Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)" course ID# 1090953. This course was developed with specific focus on the long-term care setting. This educational activity will focus on the correct selection, use, and disposal of PPE to be used to support facility-specific infection policies and procedures. Please note: For best user experience, we recommend taking this course while using a laptop. 

Cool Cubes 

This is the item the county has purchased to provide cold chain management.

Product information:   

Here is another good video

Cool Cubes Assembly instructions   

Dry Ice handling Coming soon.

Emergency Protocols for bad reactions: Coming soon